Design Plus Lite

Design Plus Lite

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This Design Plus Lite training course is a resource to help you get started with Design Tools. Follow the tutorials to learn how to launch Design Tools, use the Design tools editor to style existing course content, use the upload embed image tool to customize your images and seamlessly build a course using the Multi-Tool.

CidiLabs’ DesignPlus Tools allows us to rapidly create and style modules and pages in our Canvas Courses. The tool includes:

  • Context Editor Toolbox:
    • Enable to easily create, customize, and style content on any Content, Discussion, Assignment, and Syllabus
  • Multi Tool:
    • Rapidly create Content and Pages. Multi Tool has a module builder to set up module pattern and creates Assignments, Discussions, and Pages in one step.
  • Upload Embed Image:
    • Use to upload, crop, resize, and embed images anywhere within the Canvas course.

Using these tools, instructors can easily design eye-catching, accessible course content pages, create templates and modules, and adjust all due dates and default times in one place. The tools are available anywhere you can access the Canvas Rich Content Editor. 

Use as Resource

It takes approximately five hours to do all the tutorials in this self-paced program. There are no tasks, no deadlines, and no obligation to view all the tutorials. You may use the program as a resource to help you learn the Design Plus tools.