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 Title of Textbook Course and Number Available Copies Location Property of Status Hold for:
A Peculiar Kind of Immigrant's SonENG 3562ENG 35PDC
A Place to StandENG 3530LHAPDC
A Thousand AcresENG 1B, 3079930DJJPDC
Abnormal PsychologyPSYCH 750DVIPDC
All They Will Call YouENG 3530LHAPDC
Always RunningENG 32 (71938)72DVIPDC
American GovernmentPOLSC 136DJJPDC
  • Returned
An Introduction to the American Legal System,BUS 8 (72498)33DVIPDC
  • Returned
  • Returned
Shelley Hanna, CCHS / SP21
Bless Me UltimaENG 35 (71938)80DVIPDC
Business Ethics: A Textbook with CasesLaw 25 (70844)29DVIPDC
ChildCDEV 2180Lincoln and Bear CreekPDCSpring 2021 - Ed Lewis (Stagg and Kimball)
Compact Bedford Introduction to LiteratureENG 1B22DVIPDC
Detoured My Journey from Darkness to LightSOCIO 1A (71719)48DJJPDC
  • Returned
Do Androids Dream of Electric SheepENG 1A, 3054530CCHSPDC
Elementary StatisticsMATH 1220Lincoln HSPDC
  • Returned
Exploring Philosophy 5th ed.PHILO 6 (72749)52DJJPDC
  • Returned
FlighTENG 1B, 3079930CCHSPDC
Give Me Liberty: An American History Volume 2HIST 7 (71091)33DJJPDC
Henderson The Rain KingENG 1a 3081745DJJPDC
House On Mango StreetENG 35 (71938)62DVIPDC
  • Returned
How The Garcia Girls Lost Their AccentsENG 1a 3081745DJJPDC
How to Read Literature Like a ProfessorENG 1B, 3079930CCHSPDC
Hyperbole and a HalfENG 1a 3081745DJJPDC
Introduction to PsychologyPSYCH 1 3255049DJJPDCHold for Lorraine' Psych 1 (SP21, DJJ)
Law and SocietyLAW 16 - 3258630McNair HSPDC
Life is so GoodENG 1B22DVIPDC
Life of PiENG 1B, 3079930CCHSPDC
Literature an introduction to Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and WritingENG 1a 3081745DJJPDC
Literature: An Introductiuon to Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and WritingENG 1B25DJJPDC
  • Returned
Chantel Perales (Merlo SP21)
Mindset the New Psychology of SuccessENG 1A30Chavez High SchoolPDC
Patterns for College WritingENG 1A (71913)30DJJPDCRachel Moraes, SP21 - RVC
Patterns of WritingENG 1A, 3074030VenturePDC
Practically SpeakingCOM ST 1A33Franklin High SchoolPDC
  • Returned
Short TakesENG 1A30ABLEPDC
  • Returned
Society the BasicsSOCIO 1A (71719)50DJJPDC
Song of the HummingbirdENG 3530LHAPDC
  • Returned
That was Then, This is NowENG 1B25DJJPDC
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part - Time IndianENG 1A20Rio Valley CharterPDC
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time IndianENG 1A20Rio Valley CharterPDC
The Art of Public SpeakingCOM ST 1A, 3253430LHAPDC
The Developing Person Through the LifespanH S 19 (73004)40Venture AcademyPDC
The Great GatsbyENG 1A20Rio Valley CharterPDC
The Great GatsbyENG 1B, 3082325MerloPDC
The Handmaid's TaleENG 1A, 3054530CCHSPDC
The McGraw-Hill Reader Issues Across the DisciplinesENG 1A30ABLEPDC
  • Returned
The Science of PsychologyPSYCH 1A4Ben HoltPDC
  • Returned
The Struggle for DemocracyPOLSC 13NAPDC
  • Returned
They Say, I SayENG 1A (73110)10Venture AcademyPDC
Tuesday’s With MorrieENG 1A20Rio Valley CharterPDC
  • Returned
Understanding BusinessBUS 2040DVIPDC
Warriors Don't CryENG 1B25DJJPDC
  • Returned
 Title of Textbook Course and Number Available Copies Location Property of Status Hold for: