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 Title of Textbook Course and Number Available Copies Location Property of Status Hold for:
A Peculiar Kind of Immigrant's SonENG 3562ENG 35PDC
A Place to StandENG 3530LHAPDC
A Thousand AcresENG 1B, 3079930DJJPDC
Abnormal PsychologyPSYCH 750DVIPDC
All They Will Call YouENG 3530LHAPDC
Always RunningENG 32 (71938)72DVIPDC
American GovernmentPOLSC 136DJJPDC
  • Returned
An Introduction to the American Legal System,BUS 8 (72498)33DVIPDC
  • Returned
Art of Public SpeakingCOM ST 1A29PDCPDC
  • Returned
  • Returned
Shelley Hanna, CCHS / SP21
Bless Me UltimaENG 35 (71938)80DVIPDCJulie Jose / SUSD/Fall 2021
Business Ethics: A Textbook with CasesLaw 25 (70844)29DVIPDC
ChildCDEV 2180Lincoln and Bear CreekPDCSpring 2021 – Ed Lewis (Stagg and Kimball)
Compact Bedford Introduction to LiteratureENG 1B22DVIPDC
Detoured My Journey from Darkness to LightSOCIO 1A (71719)48DJJPDC
  • Returned
Do Androids Dream of Electric SheepENG 1A, 3054530CCHSPDC
Elementary StatisticsMATH 1220Lincoln HSPDC
  • Returned
Exploring Philosophy 5th ed.PHILO 6 (72749)52DJJPDC
  • Returned
FlighTENG 1B, 3079930CCHSPDC
Give Me Liberty: An American History Volume 2HIST 7 (71091)33DJJPDC
Henderson The Rain KingENG 1a 3081745DJJPDC
House On Mango StreetENG 35 (71938)62DVIPDC
  • Returned
How The Garcia Girls Lost Their AccentsENG 1a 3081745DJJPDC
How to Read Literature Like a ProfessorENG 1B, 3079930CCHSPDC
Hyperbole and a HalfENG 1a 3081745DJJPDC
Introduction to PsychologyPSYCH 1 3255049DJJPDC
Law and SocietyLAW 16 – 3258630McNair HSPDC
Life is so GoodENG 1B22DVIPDC
Life of PiENG 1B, 3079930CCHSPDC
Literature an introduction to Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and WritingENG 1a 3081745DJJPDC
Literature: An Introductiuon to Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and WritingENG 1B25DJJPDC
  • Returned
Chantel Perales (Merlo SP21)
Mindset the New Psychology of SuccessENG 1A30Chavez High SchoolPDC
Patterns for College WritingENG 1A30DJJPDCRachel Moraes
Patterns of WritingENG 1A30EdisonPDCRachel Moraes
Practically SpeakingCOM ST 1A33Franklin High SchoolPDC
  • Returned
Short TakesENG 1A30ABLEPDC
  • Returned
Society the BasicsSOCIO 1A (71719)50DJJPDC
Song of the HummingbirdENG 3530LHAPDC
  • Returned
That was Then, This is NowENG 1B25DJJPDC
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part – Time IndianENG 1A20Rio Valley CharterPDC
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time IndianENG 1A20Rio Valley CharterPDC
The Art of Public SpeakingCOM ST 1A, 3253430LHAPDCSonia Toledo
The Developing Person Through the LifespanH S 19 (73004)40VENACAD, LHAPDCSue Kidwell
The Elements of Moral Philosophy 9th editionPHILO 4012DJJPDC
The Great GatsbyENG 1B, 3082325MerloPDC
The Great GatsbyENG 1A20Rio Valley CharterPDC
The Handmaid's TaleENG 1A, 3054530CCHSPDC
The McGraw-Hill Reader Issues Across the DisciplinesENG 1A30ABLEPDC
  • Returned
The Science of PsychologyPSYCH 1A4Ben HoltPDC
  • Returned
The Struggle for DemocracyPOLSC 13NAPDC
  • Returned
They Say, I SayENG 1A (73110)10Venture AcademyPDC
Tuesday’s With MorrieENG 1A20Rio Valley CharterPDC
  • Returned
Understanding BusinessBUS 2040DVIPDC
Warriors Don't CryENG 1B25DJJPDC
  • Returned
 Title of Textbook Course and Number Available Copies Location Property of Status Hold for: