Dual Enrollment

Our Dual Enrollment Program (DEP) offers college courses at over 30 high schools in the district’s region. Classes are geared towards college and career readiness.

Admissions Steps

    1. Apply or Reapply for Admissions.
    2. Access MyDelta Portal and Delta Email.

      After submitting Admissions Application, student will receive a “Welcome to Delta” email message to the email address used on the application. The welcome email will include the Delta College Student ID Number.

    3. College Early Start Forms 
      Students who took dual enrollment courses in Fall 2019 or Spring 2020 do NOT need to submit a College Early Start (CES) form. All others MUST complete a CES form. DEP Coordinator must submit the CES forms online by the deadline. Without this form students will NOT be able to enroll in courses.

      Note: Please  complete the CES form with the “DEP” stamp on it.

    4. Complete the CA College Promise Grant form, formerly BOG Fee Waiver, once per academic year- Complete CCPG online.

    5. Register for course online by accessing MyDelta Portal.

For more information on Delta’s Dual Enrollment Program, please contact us.