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Student Removal from Online Class

Disciplinary procedures for online students are the same as those of students in face-to-face classes. 

As per Policy AP 5520 and the Student Handbook, removal of a student from class shall be handled as follows:

A professor may remove a student from a class or other areas of the District related to the professor’s service area.

Such decision shall be based on the student’s violation of the District’s Standards of Student Conduct and shall be at the sole discretion and professional judgment of the professor. Removals by professors shall be final and shall not
preclude the District from imposing other disciplinary penalties as described herein.

Immediately after a Removal from Class or other areas related to a professor’s service area, the professor shall file an Incident Report Form, documenting the reasons the discipline was imposed and submit it to the Dean of Enrollment
Services and Student Development for routing to the appropriate Disciplinary Officer and to the Division Dean.

        Page 71 (Student Handbook, Delta College).

Also, see “How to Handle Drops and Attendance in Online Classes. “