Captioning Request

  • Use a separate form for each video that needs captioning. Your video and captions will be burned in one file. Your request will be submitted to John Cavano, Associate Professor / Assistive Technology, for review.

    Note: This captioning request is only for videos that are available on the web or in movie file format. Please work with your division to convert non-digital media (such as VHS or DVD) to digital format. Contact John Cavano for a list of vendors that convert media. Thank you.

  • (if applicable)
  • Example: BIOL 031
  • The estimated number of students in your course. It can be the same number used for other videos in the same course.
  • Video

    Provide details on the video that needs captioning.
  • Type the YouTube, Dropbox, or other online address of your video.
  • If you have the video in file format, please upload it.
  • Enter the video length in hours:minutes:seconds format. For example, a 3 minute 45 second video would be 00:03:45.
  • Is this a copyrighted video?
  • For each copyrighted movie or video, indicate how it is used in your course. This is not required for faculty-created material, such as office hours or recorded lectures.