Delta PDC Portal

Canvas Feature / Tool Request

  • Please use this form to request activation of Canvas features, or for adoption of external tools.  For example, activating use of images on course cards, or adopting NetTutor for online tutoring.
  • Example: English, Math
  • Describe the functionality and pedagogical value of the feature or tool.
  • Explain how you learned about this feature or tool and if any of your colleagues at Delta College are interested in using it. Please list the names of others who have expressed an interest in it.
  • Do you know if this feature or tool is a core component of Canvas, or is it an external application? Who provides support for this feature or tool? Is the feature / tool marked as 'beta' in Canvas?
  • Please provide the website address where we can find more information or a user guide on the feature or tool.
  • If the feature or tool is an external Canvas application, is there a cost (license or subscription fee) associated with it? One-time? On-going? Have you identified funding to cover the fees?
  • Vendor Information

    If the application is an external Canvas tool, provide vendor information below.
  • What is the expected timeframe for needing this feature or tool in Canvas?
    I agree to present or share about this feature / tool request to the Distance Education Committee for further discussion, review, and consideration.