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Free Video Captioning from DSPS and 3PlayMedia!

If you are showing videos to students, they must be captioned for accessibility. Auto-captions are not accessible as they are frequently lacking punctuation, proper spelling, and complete sentence structure (unless you have manually corrected the captions for accuracy). Disability Support Programs and Services (DSPS) is working with 3Play Media to caption videos, including class lectures, video office hours, old copyrighted videos and promotional videos, in 3-4 days.

Please complete the Captioning Request Form. This service is FREE to you as DSPS and Equity will cover the cost for as long as funds last.

Creating videos in ConferZoom? 

Check out this 8-minute video to learn how to quickly and easily correct the auto-captioning for accuracy – Captioning Videos in ConferZoom (video)

Accessibility Quick Start Guide

If you’re teaching online or hybrid classes and aren’t sure where to begin in making your course content accessible, check out this quick-start guide – Follow the LIST for Canvas Accessibility

Instructor Accessibility Guide by Pope Tech

The Instructor Accessibility Guide works with Canvas Module Pages, Discussion Pages, Assignment/Quiz Pages, Announcements -and can check the page content that an instructor has created or can edit.  When editing one of these pages in Canvas, you’ll see a “P” button at the bottom of the screen next to “Cancel” and “Save.”  Clicking this button scans your page and opens the accessibility guide on the right-hand side of the screen, highlighting errors and offering suggestions on how to fix them. To see an example of how to use this tool and access a step-by-step guide and video, visit our Faculty & Staff Support Forum Post: New Accessibility Checker in Canvas

Free Self-Paced Online Courses on Accessibility, offered through @One: