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If you’re teaching online or hybrid classes and aren’t sure where to begin in making your course content accessible, check out this quick-start guide – Follow the LIST for Canvas Accessibility

Instructor Accessibility Guide by Pope Tech

The Instructor Accessibility Guide works with Canvas Module Pages, Discussion Pages, Assignment/Quiz Pages, Announcements -and can check the page content that an instructor has created or can edit.  When editing one of these pages in Canvas, you’ll see a “P” button at the bottom of the screen next to “Cancel” and “Save.”  Clicking this button scans your page and opens the accessibility guide on the right-hand side of the screen, highlighting errors and offering suggestions on how to fix them. To see an example of how to use this tool and access a step-by-step guide and video, visit our Faculty & Staff Support Forum Post: New Accessibility Checker in Canvas

Check out this recording from Assistive Technology Professor, John Cavano: PopeTech Accessibility Guide Training

The following list of Timestamps and Topics shows which accessibility topic is discussed at certain times in the video, so you can jump to the topics that interest you most.

6:16       Demonstration of NVDA: Screen readers do not work well on a non-accessible page.

12:44    Image and Links: This is how Popetech categorizes issues.

13:00    Empty Link: Use Popetech to delete orphaned “links to an external site” links.

15:25    Suspicious Alternative Text: How to edit alternative text. Delete file extensions.

17:27    Suspicious Link Text: Don’t make the name of a link “link”.

17:57    Alternative Text: Keep alternative text for images short and precise.

19:31    Long Link Names: Links that start with http://, which are missed by Popetech, should be edited to be more descriptive.

23:30    Text and Contrast: When adding color to text, make sure there is enough foreground and background contrast.

26:03    Headings: Create headings to chunk text and create navigation points.

31:35    Tables: Add headers and a caption to tables.

38:05    Lists: Creating a list helps students know the total number of list items there are.

40:55    Documents: If possible, copy and paste the text from PDF and DOCX documents into Canvas pages.

42:54    Videos: All videos need to have captions. The Canvas Studio is one option for captioning your videos.

46:48    Questions and Answers

Free, Self-Paced Courses on Accessibility, offered through @One: