Creating Rubrics and Attaching them to Assignments, Quizzes, and Discussions

We’ve been asked recently about how to add a rubric to an assignment in Canvas. It is easier to create rubrics in Canvas than in Turnitin, for which we are very grateful. Canvas will also keep a rubrics library for you so you can find rubrics from your current and previous Canvas courses. Canvas will even let you edit rubrics once assignments have been submitted and graded.

While they are easy to use for faculty, rubrics are also a part of regular effective contact with students. It’s another form of communication to let them know what your expectations are for a particular assignment. By attaching rubrics to assignments, instructors are helping students to identify what aspects of their work need what kind of attention.

Below are links to step-by-step instructions, with screen shots, of how to create rubrics and attach them to various types of assignments.

How do I add a rubric to an assignment?

How do I add a rubric to a quiz?

How do I add a rubric to a graded discussion?

-Lynn Hawley and Jenn Azzaro

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