Dual Enrollment

Through our Dual Enrollment Program, you will take college courses at your high school campus. Your classmates will be your peers from your school or district only. Classes focus on College Transfer and Career Pathways and can earn you high school and college credits. If your high school offers Dual Enrollment courses, contact your counselor to find out how to enroll in available courses. You do not pay tuition or fees and are not charged for textbooks or classroom supplies. Textbooks are open source or provided for free.

May take up to 15 units per semester.

College Early Start

You may register for any courses offered at Delta College while in high school or in adult ed school, as a College Early Start student, if you meet prerequisites. You may take "regular" Delta classes on campus or online. College Early Start allows you to take courses for college credit only. Each school determines whether high school credit will be granted for classes completed at Delta. Effective Fall 2020, as a high school student, you pay no tuition or fees, but you are responsible for the cost of textbooks and class supplies.

May take up to 11 units per semester.

At least 1 in 8 California high school seniors take community college courses while still in high school, an increasingly popular strategy that gives students a head start on their college careers, and has been shown to boost both high school and college graduation rates.

Teacher’s Aide Paraprofessional Certificate (TAP)

If you are interested in working with children in grades K-8, then earning your certification as a Teacher’s Aide Paraprofessional may be a great opportunity for you!

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