Flex Workshops (Aug. 2020)

Flex Workshops – August 2020

Topic: PopeTech Accessibility Guide Training

Presenter: John Cavano
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Topic: Customer Service in an Online Environment 

Presenter: Chris Frymire
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Topic: Increasing Student Success in Online Teaching (PPT)

Presenter: Pamela Pan, Ph. D.

Topic: Lights, Camera, Action!

Presenters: Lynn Hawley, Deanna de Azevedo, and Jennifer Barrows

Topic: Open Educational Resources

Presenter: Daniel Ng

Topic: Part I – Demystifying Open Educational Resources (OER)
How OER reduces equity gaps, and how ZTC supports Guided Pathway

Presenter: James Glapa-Grossklag
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Topic: Part II – Demystifying Open Educational Resources (OER)
Examples of OER implementation (adopt, adapt, author) and Finding and Selecting OER. 

Presenter: James Glapa-Grossklag
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Topic: Working with Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students

Presenter: Gwen Maciel
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Topic: Student Conduct 

Presenter: Chris Frymire
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Topic: Edpuzzle

Presenter: Justin Graham
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Topic: Revitalizing Instructional Program Review

Presenter: Dr. Ginger Holden
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Topic: Technology Updates

Presenters: Chelsy Pham & Kai Wong
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Equity-at-a-Glance: Introduction to the Faculty Success & Retention Dashboard

Presenter: Janine Riopel


Certificate of Equity Informational Session

Presenter: Janine Riopel



Padlet is a free online bulletin board you can use to collect and display information from students, either as a standalone tool or within Canvas.  Students can share text-based “post-its,” website links, pictures, videos, and even comment on each other’s posts.

View Recorded Training on Padlet (25 minutes) 

Facilitated by Jennifer Azzaro, Distance Education and Professor Development Coordinator, Delta College. 

Canvas Basics (3-Part Videos)

Canvas Basics, Part 1 (39 min)

Covers the dashboard, basic navigation, turning tools on/off, uploading a profile picture, creating a homepage, posting a syllabus, creating announcements, and some accessibility tips.

00:00 – Intro, Canvas Dashboard / Course Cards, Profile and Picture, Notifications, Basic Navigation
9:15 – Global and Course Navigation Menus, Turning Tools On & Off
12:28 – Setting up a Homepage (including how to post picture and make hyperlinks)
26:27 – Posting Your Syllabus
33:45 – Posting Announcements

Canvas Basics, Part 2 (31 min)

Covers publishing your course, using “Student View,” uploading files (PowerPoints, documents), and setting up discussions.

00:00 – Intro; Showing “Recent Announcements” on the Course Homepage
04:10 – Publishing your Course
05:10 – Using Student View
6:36 – Using Files to Upload Documents, PowerPoints, etc.
15:45 – Setting up Discussions (and a Question & Answer forum for your students!)

Canvas Basics, Part 3 (57 min)

Covers setting up assignments, using SpeedGrader and marking up papers, setting up Quizzes, allowing extra time and attempts

00:00 – Intro; Setting up an Assignment
18:20 – Using SpeedGrader and Marking up Papers
23:40 – Assignment Groups
26:05 – Setting up Quizzes and Tests
51:43 – Allowing Extra Attempts or Extra Time
54:13 – A couple things to read up on in Canvas Lite & Users Group (Gradebook, Inbox)