Canvas + LibGuides Integration, now available!

Canvas + LibGuides Integration, now available!

Greetings!  Two weeks ago we sent a Tech Tip featuring LibGuides.

Today, we are pleased to share that LibGuides integration with Canvas is complete!  Now you can easily add a link to Library resources within your Canvas course!

From your course navigation menu, go to Settings >> Navigation and then click & drag Library Resources from the lower menu to the upper one.  Scroll down and click Save.  You should now see a link in your left-hand navigation menu called Library Resources, as shown below:


If there is no LibGuide available for your course, the default guide pictured above provides access to the Library’s catalogs.  You may also link to the Default LibGuide.  

Need a LibGuide for your course(s)?  Contact Mary Weppler at – and see this doucument: How to Request a LibGuide.

More information about LibGuides is available on the Library Webpage.  

Many thanks to Mary Weppler, Public Services Librarian, for helping to make this integration possible!

-Jenn Azzaro