Canvas Basics (3-Part Videos)

Canvas Basics (3-Part Videos)

Canvas Basics, Part 1 (39 min)

Covers the dashboard, basic navigation, turning tools on/off, uploading a profile picture, creating a homepage, posting a syllabus, creating announcements, and some accessibility tips. 00:00 – Intro, Canvas Dashboard / Course Cards, Profile and Picture, Notifications, Basic Navigation 9:15 – Global and Course Navigation Menus, Turning Tools On & Off 12:28 – Setting up a Homepage (including how to post picture and make hyperlinks) 26:27 – Posting Your Syllabus 33:45 – Posting Announcements

Canvas Basics, Part 2 (31 min)

Covers publishing your course, using “Student View,” uploading files (PowerPoints, documents), and setting up discussions. 00:00 – Intro; Showing “Recent Announcements” on the Course Homepage 04:10 – Publishing your Course 05:10 – Using Student View 6:36 – Using Files to Upload Documents, PowerPoints, etc. 15:45 – Setting up Discussions (and a Question & Answer forum for your students!)

Canvas Basics, Part 3 (57 min)

Covers setting up assignments, using SpeedGrader and marking up papers, setting up Quizzes, allowing extra time and attempts 00:00 – Intro; Setting up an Assignment 18:20 – Using SpeedGrader and Marking up Papers 23:40 – Assignment Groups 26:05 – Setting up Quizzes and Tests 51:43 – Allowing Extra Attempts or Extra Time 54:13 – A couple things to read up on in Canvas Lite & Users Group (Gradebook, Inbox)