Canvas 2.0 – Online Course Design

Canvas 2.0 – Online Course Design


Course Dates:  Feb 13 – Mar 10

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Length: 4 weeks, fully online

Prerequisite: Open to Canvas-Certified Faculty

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Jennifer Azzaro, Facilitator


This class will familiarize you with the Course Design Rubric, a roadmap for quality online course design created by California Community Colleges (CCCs) and the Online Education Initiative (OEI).  The Rubric has been a statewide model since 2014, enabling more students to complete their educational goals by increasing access to and success in high-quality online courses.

In this class, you’ll learn about the four areas of the CVC-OEI Course Design Rubric – Content Presentation, Interaction, Assessment, Accessibility – and see dozens of examples of how you can begin to align your course to this statewide model for online instruction.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify several small but impactful changes that can be made to align to each rubric criteria;
  2. Suggest resources, activities, tools, or strategies to help other instructors meet criteria within the rubric;
  3. Create or revise learning resources and/or activities that align with the rubric.


What Delta faculty are saying about this class:

  • Worth the time.  My Canvas courses were ok before, but they are good now, and I am excited about making them excellent before next semester!
  • Enjoy the ride! This is one of the best classes for improving your class shell to help students have a much clearer road map to follow.
  • The sooner you take this course, the better an online teacher you will become. The things taught will decrease the unknown and increase your competence.
  • There is so much more to learn and it can get discouraging… but take baby steps and you will love the results!

Satisfactory Completion

Faculty who complete this training program will earn a badge and a certificate of completion. Participants must finish all tasks with a grade of at least 75% to earn a badge and certificate, and a $300.00 stipend. Faculty may also claim 20 hours of flex.