Camtasia Cohort Learning

Camtasia Cohort Learning

Camtasia Cohort - Spring 2022

This Spring, Camtasia Cohort sessions will focus on 3-5 minute, visually-impactful videos that humanize your efforts in the classroom and support student success. The work you complete for the cohort is flex-eligible. This includes attending the cohort meetings, completing the certification and creation of videos (Category 2: Staff development, in-service training and instructional improvement.)

Meeting Times: 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

After watching each “exemplar” video, a short presentation will focus on:

  • How the video was made: Camtasia tools, features, and underlying structure; and
  • The decision-making process: A sampler of choices made and why.

For each exemplar, you’ll also have access to a roadmap/formula to support the creation of your own visually-impactful video(s). After the presentation, we’ll open the session to member questions. 

Missed a session? Check out the archives!

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Deanna de Azevedo, Lead Facilitator
Camtasia Certification

All Camtasia Cohort members are required to submit proof of TechSmith Camtasia certification and videos created to the Dean of Distance & Regional Education no later than Friday, May 6 2022 5:00PM to be eligible for a license renewal of Camtasia for 2022-23. 

Here's the link to the self-paced TechSmith Certification — start with Explorer.

The below link will tie your TechSmith account with Delta College's license for certification access.

TechSmith Certification
Get Support

Ask your editing or other Camtasia questions here. Just click on Add Topic in our Camtasia support forum. 

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Let's learn from each other's work. Have a video-editing project to share with the cohort? It does not have to be finished work.

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