Adding Readers and Tutors in Canvas!

Adding Readers and Tutors in Canvas!

Faculty may now add Readers and Tutors to their Canvas courses!

The Office of Regional and Distance Education has established two new roles in Canvas, based on District job descriptions –   

Reader (Delta): Assists a faculty member to grade class assignments.

Tutor (Delta): Use this role if you are adding a Tutor or Academic Coach.

When adding individuals to Canvas, we strongly encourage you to use the role that matches the job that person was hired into, as the role permissions were made to align with college-approved job functions.


    • Please do not add individuals as Teachers or any other role as doing so may violate FERPA and/or District policy.
    • Individuals must have a current Delta ID Number and Delta College Email Address to be added in Canvas.

To add a Reader or Tutor/Academic Coach to your class:

    1. Go into the course’s People area and click the +People button.
    2. Click Email Address and type their full Delta College email address into the textbox (required).
    3. From the “Role” pull-down menu, Select either Reader (Delta) or Tutor (Delta), click Next, and confirm the addition.

-Jenn Azzaro